Municipal Sewage Management

Nordevco’s BactiDomus® Biotechnology provides the opportunity to significantly reduce and more efficiently manage the cost of dealing with sludge – whether it is accumulated sludge in the primary cell of a lagoon or sludge produced in a wastewater treatment plant – with minimal labour and no disruption to normal operations. It also significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with sludge management and disposal.

The use of BactiDomus® Biotechnology allows us to help restore capacity of your municipal lagoon system by reducing organic sludge at a fraction of the cost of traditional dredging methods. Sludge removal can significantly extend your lagoon’s operational life, and can replace or defer costly capital expenditures, which in a time of strained financial resources may be an attractive alternative. Our treatment also carries additional benefits, such as odour reduction and nutrient reduction.

Municipal Lagoons

BactiDomus® Biotechnology can reduce budget costs from 40 – 70% when compared to traditional dredging, land application and/or drying. It also provides these key benefits:

  • Provides cost and budget certainty with every dollar spent going directly to treatment
  • Significantly reduces odours
  • No disruption to normal operations
  • No risk of damage to lagoon liners or other infrastructure
  • Immediate treatment start-up
  • Has the potential to spread the cost of organic sludge reduction over two to three years

Waste Water Treatment Plants

Nordevco’s BactiDomus® Biotechnology is much more flexible, easier and more cost effective to implement as a solution within existing systems and is less costly to maintain. Depending on the existing system and the problems being encountered, the application of the product can be directed to where it will provide the most benefit - the aeration basin, batch reactor, clarifier, or digesters. It can be applied directly to the existing system without any capital expense or infrastructure modifications.

The BactiDomus® Biotechnology will reduce operating, maintenance and sludge disposal cost by reducing the volume of organic sludge generated, improve operating efficiency, and reduce energy requirements. Reducing the volume of organic sludge generated reduces the costs associated with sludge management and disposal.


Waste Water Treatment Plant Case Studies

Septic and Holding Tanks

No matter what septic system products call themselves (digesters, energizers or conditioners) for the most part they share one common trait: they must be used on a regular basis. While the frequency will vary —weekly or monthly— the reality is that all these products have a limited lifespan and limited ability to work in your septic tank. Nordevco has created a treatment using BactiDomus® Biotechnology, which houses robust bacteria, meaning it only needs to be applied once a year to maintain your septic system and break down organic sludge.

Once-A-Year Septic™ Treatment provides you with a cost effective, easy to use, safe, non-toxic and non-caustic alternative to these products. Less packaging, less work and a bottle that can be recycled to reduce waste translates into a more environmentally friendly solution to manage your septic system.

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