Agriculture Organic Waste Management

As chemical fertilizer prices continue to rise, your manure becomes more and more valuable as a natural and effective alternative to costly chemical applications. Leaving organic solids accumulating in your manure collection system (lagoon, holding tank, slurry-store, pit) means that you are leaving a valuable resource behind and spending more money than you need to. By treating your collection system with the BactiDomus® Biotechnology you can maximize your resource and reduce the costs associated with moving and applying it.

The BactiDomus® Biotechnology brings the efficiency and benefits of municipal wastewater treatment to the agricultural sector – more efficient breakdown of solids, improving the nutrient value of the slurry, and a more liquid waste that is easier to pump and land apply. It will also reduce the odours associated with manure storage and land application.


The BactiDomus® Bio4Swine allows producers to reap the benefits of more liquid manure and increase the fertilizer value of manure by enhancing the plant available nutrients in the slurry. Applied directly to the lagoon or slurry-store, its use will reduce crusting, liquefy solids accumulated at the bottom of the storage system, recover lost storage capacity, and reduce odours. Liquefying the solids will make agitation easier, allowing for more even distribution of the nutrients and facilitate pumping and land application over greater distances.

By reducing the odours associated with manure storage and land application, you reduce the potential for friction and complaints from neighbours.

The flexibility of the technology allows you to add the BactiDomus® Bio4Swine directly to the lagoon, holding tank or slurry-store. It can also be applied in the barn through our under-slat pits to provide benefits in the barn. If you have a pit or pits that have a large accumulation of solids or drain slowly, apply the BactiDomus® Bio4Swine in those pits. This will liquefy those solids, improve drainage and ultimately end up in the end point storage facility to continue to work and provide benefits there.

Adding the BactiDomus® Bio4Swine in the barn increases the value of the treatment by bringing the same benefits of lagoon treatment into the barn – ease of pumping/draining, reduced crusting and reduced odours. Reducing odours from the pits creates a healthier barn environment for both your stock and your employees.


Bio4Swine Case Studies


Using BactiDomus® Biotechnology Nordevco is helping dairy producers with under-barn manure storage, improving barn environments, manure handling and mitigating the impact of manure on neighbours and communities. Nordevco has prided itself on not only providing solutions that are effective but on solutions that make economic sense.

In most case of under-barn manure storage, the cost of treatment is under $15.00 per stall. These costs are off-set by less fuel consumption for agitation, reduced maintenance costs for pumps and spreaders, increased fertilizer volumes and value.


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