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Nordevco uses BactiDomus® Biotechnology to treat contaminated sites and waste matter with bioremediation, including municipal wastewater, industrial wastes, contaminated soil and groundwater, agricultural wastes, and composting.

Nordevco’s BactiDomus® Biotechnology was developed by a diversified group of research scientists working together at Universities in Belgium and France.  Their goal was to create a mechanism with the flexibility to deliver effective and efficient biological solutions to a range of environmental issues.

Because of its flexibility, both in its appearance and its microbiological contents, Nordevco’s BactiDomus® Biotechnology has been successful in assisting with problems not only when it comes to domestic and municipal wastewater but also when dealing with the more complex industrial waste streams. The technology is also used to deal with surface water issues, such as eutrophic conditions or where complex contaminants affect water quality. Nordevco also deals with soil remediation involving high molecular PAHGs and PCBs.

Nordevco takes pride in the fact that we are continuously pushing the envelope and that our research never stops. 




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BactiDomus® Biotechnology has been developed through collaborative research over the past 20 years
to break down hazardous and toxic organic compounds, creating a unique method of bioremediation.